About Island Brand Seafood Imports

Since 1998, Island Brand Seafood Imports (an Island Lobster ltd brand) has focused on importing and distributing the Highest Quality Tuna & Swordfish. We combine an excellent quality product line with a commitment to fast and reliable customer service.

We inventory all of our products under the Island, Seaside and Tsukiji Brands at cold storage facilities in Boston, NY and NJ. We pride ourselves on getting you the products and information that you need in order to grow your business and to differentiate yourselves from your competition.

We Make It Easy

We pride ourselves on being able to offer you a good supply year round. Whether it is on your truck or on our network of common carriers, we will handle all the logistics and ensure a seamless delivery each and every order.

Product Sourcing

It all starts with the raw material. We work closely with our overseas partner plants to source and process a consistently superior quality product. Our plants ensure year round supply by contracting directly with boats owners and fishing fleets. Much of what our plants produce is our sashimi quality line for sushi and white table cloth restaurant distributors.

Rigid Product Specifications

With an extensive background in product development and R&D, we design product specifications that work in today’s competitive foodservice arena. Whether it is our quick freeze technology, or our tightly trimmed portions, our products are processed to maximize quality with our QC Commitment, and to minimize waste and labor costs.

Our masters are rugged and sized for increased inventory turns. For example, in 2007 we launched a line of 25 lbs net weight Swordfish and Tuna Loins masters. No longer are your customers obligated to purchase large weight or take-weight masters. And it does not stop there. We will continue to add new features and benefits to our lines in order to meet and to surpass market demands. And of course, all Island Brand products are certified.