Tuna Steaks & Center Cut Loins

Form Size Pack Count/Box Origin Brand
Steaks 4 oz 10 lbs IVP (1 X 10 lbs) Avg. 40 Indonesia Island Brand
Steaks 6 oz 10 lbs IVP (1 X 10 lbs) Avg. 26 Indonesia Island Brand
Steaks 8 oz 10 lbs IVP (1 X 10 lbs) Avg. 20 Indonesia Island Brand
Steaks 10 oz 10 lbs IVP (1 X 10 lbs) Avg. 16 Indonesia Island Brand
Center Cut Loins 5-8 lbs 25 lbs IVP (1 X 25 lbs) Avg. 4-5 Indonesia Island Brand

Pack Master Case Dimensions Case Cube Pallet Pattern
10 lbs IVP (1 x 10 lbs) 15 x 11.5 x 4.5 .45 10 x 10
25 lbs IVP (1 x 25 lbs) 15 x 11.5 x 4.5 .90 6 x 8

"These Tuna Yellowfin Tuna Steaks are nothing short of fabulous! They are fresh-tasting and mild; and are truly sashimi-grade steaks. I sear them on a very hot cast iron skillet, rubbing them with good olive oil and a little salt and pepper. They only need about 2 minutes on each side (in a pre-heated skillet) to turn out rare and perfect! Sometimes I marinate them in a soy-based marinade. Other times I make a very simple chimichurri herb, olive oil and lemon sauce with herbs.  The fact that they are pure protein is a tremendous plus, but I eat them because they are so delicious."

Features & Benefits

  • Cut from fresh tuna

  • Excellent color, texture, flavor

  • COOL Compliant

  • HAACP/BRC approved processing

  • Handling instructions on master

  • Sturdy masters, easy turns

  • Individually Vacuum Packed (IVP)

  • Ideal for restaurants & retail

  • Earth friendly recyclable packaging


(Thunnus Albacares)

(CO treated for maximum visual appeal)


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